Mixed Rice Restaurant

ida, of which the Babesiidae is one▓ family.In humans, the parasite B. microti ca▓n cause babesiosis, a disease with sympto▓ms that resemble malaria and can be fatal.A related parasi▓te in cattle can cause Texas cattle fever, w▓hich has been a historic problem in the pla▓ins states in the United States, and is causing an outbreak that has led to quara▓ntines on more than 500,000 acres, or about 2▓00 square kilometers, of land in Texas this spring."The life forms we find in amber can reveal so much about the history and evolution of dis▓eases we still struggle with today," Poi

nar said in a news release from OSU."This parasite, for instance, was clearly around m▓illions of years before humans, and appears to have evo▓lved alongside primates, among other hosts." Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagr▓amPlease scan the QR Code t

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